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Mahesha Woolridge

Founder of LaBella Pearl

Styled Misty Copeland, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kelly Bensimone, Wendy Williams' 50th Makeover show, Fashion Week 2017, Summer Sizzle Fashion Week 2016, 2017 (British Virgin Island), Dennis Basso Fashion week 2016, Club Monaco Fashion Week 2016

As Seen In:

PopStyle TV, Foot Print Network, The Luxury

In 2010, facing my own health issues from applying Brazilian Treatments and frustrated with products that were not healthy or high-quality enough, I began creating products for truly healthy hair. As an editorial and celebrity hairstylist for years, I did not come across products that could nourish and protect multicultural hair from heat and chemical damages without harmful side effects.

I was committed to making sure that women and their stylists would not have to unknowingly experience serious damage to their skin and respiratory system as I did (always read the fine print).

I began mixing various ingredients and products to come up with my first formulas until I achieved the desired results- healthy stronger hair from unharmful chemicals.  As I started using my products on clients, amazing results were achieved-hair growth, intense natural shine, body and frizz-free tresses. I continued to refine the formulas for even better results and that led to the LaBella Pearl Series.

My products and the women whom they serve embody my grandmother Pearl's natural beauty, strength, and true confidence.
This easy to use three step hair therapy system is equipped with 12 bio-nutrients, Marula oil, Vitamins A C & E and B-5 designed to restore hair's natural balance while making it smoother, stronger and more flexible, protecting the hair from damage.

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