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Hot Turban Therapy

Just because we are stuck at home doesn't mean we have to let our hair go

Try this hot turban therapy, your hair will thank you for it later

Hot turban therapy and its requirements

Hot turban therapy is a method of steaming your hair in which a hot wet towel needs to be wrapped around the head. It is perhaps one of the most effective and easy home remedies for attaining healthy hair. In order to go for a turban therapy, you need a concoction of oils to nourish your hair, hot water and a towel. For the oil blend, it is best to bank on coconut oil, corn oil, castor oil and olive oil in equal proportions. Turban therapy is known to be very effective as it helps open the pores, thus allowing the oil blend to penetrate deeper into the hair roots. Thus, it nourishes the scalp, treats hair fall and improves scalp condition.

Hot turban therapy benefits

  1. Hot turban therapy allows the oil to penetrate deep into the hair roots. As a result, hair health is restored and problems like dandruff and hair fall are also tackled.

  2. It allows your hair to reap the benefits of the best known oils for hair like coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil. Coconut oil conditions your hair, olive oil nourishes them and castor oil stimulates hair growth.

  3. Essential oils stimulate your hair and scalp and give them their dose of omega 3 acids as well as vitamins.

How to do a hot turban therapy?

  1. Mix coconut oil, corn oil, castor oil and olive oil in equal proportions.

  2. You can also add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil like ginger oil or tea tree oil.

  3. Heat this oil blend and allow it to cool down.

  4. Apply the oil on your hair and scalp.

  5. Massage your scalp with your finger tips.

  6. Leave the oil on your scalp and hair for at least two hours. You can also leave it overnight.

  7. Dip a towel in hot water and wring it to do away with extra water.

  8. If you have long hair, gather the strands in a bun.

  9. Wrap the towel around your head just like a turban and wait for about fifteen minutes.

  10. Rinse your hair with LaBella Pearl Replenish shampoo and water.

11. Condition with LaBella Pearl Replenish and style as desired

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